Saturday, March 01, 2008


Harsha Bogle, the well known cricket commentator for ESPN-STAR, during a match featuring England commented about 'intent'. English spinner Monty Panesar was fielding in the outfield and had to stop a hardly hit ball. Known is the fact that, Monty is not a "natural athlete" and when he actually tried stopping the speeding ball, he gave it his all and threw himself on the field. The effort did not yield anything as such as he could not stop the boundary and it was an awkward sight to watch. Harsha watching all this commented - "Intent is such a beautiful thing, even if it does not yield results immediately, it surely does have a positive influence", and in the same over Monty dived and stopped an otherwise certain boundary. Anybody else would have made a negative comment looking that effort from Monty, but Harsha being an eternal optimist that he is commented in such a way.

I was thinking about this because the other day I was thinking how are things shaping up and while reading things about payroll, I realized that it was 2 weeks since I had any interview. In spite of my best intentions, nothing is working at all. But then I have decided to persist with what I have been doing all along, hoping for that one beacon which leads my path!

Indeed, intent is such a beautiful thing .....



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