Monday, February 25, 2008

Life .. isn't it all about hardships!

Everybody, friends and foes alike, start with asking "Howz life dude?"

Now, How do I answer such a question when trying to live is enormously challenging? Yes, when I say challenging, I mean it in every sense of the word. For there is an adage "Survival of the fittest" that could withstand the turn of millenniums and yet be strikingly truthful. Ever since childhood, I have never seen living been so hard, to tell you all the truth.

Every passing day teaches me something "new", awfully a known fact that should at the first place be not forgotten. There are some basics in life which help one keep life pretty and simple. Only when you feel that you have lost yourself somewhere in the busy and racy life, you try to get back to those days, where you were a charm to be with, where you were such an incredible spirit who kept things simple.

Yes, When I was studying Intermediate, being a rebel all my life for 'no cause', I always questioned those 3Ds that were regarded as essential qualities for a human of some character. 3Ds - Dedication, Determination, Diligence.

I will get back to telling you all how the 3Ds would once again help me change myself into a man of character, doing something worthwhile, all the while!

Finally, my life is hazy, confusing and frustrating. Let me change the course of life altogether!



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