Friday, April 18, 2008

Worsening Times

It has been a month since I sat down to type anything in this very space, where I love to tell people what's going on with me and around. Well, the reasons for such a long and conspicuous absence could range anywhere from a badly performing economy to an uneventful life (career)!

Anyways, I do not have a job yet but then the costs do not at all decrease and many of them, there is not much that I can do about. For instance, the bad (rather worst) and unpaved Chicago roads after a horrible winter left my car handicapped! Yes, my car had to bear the brunt of the potholes on the roads. The last week or so, I had to travel 4 times to Midway Airport which has such bad approach roads that the struts of my car are broken badly and need a fix! Now that burns a very big hole in my very tiny pocket. Approximately 700 bucks is what the generous mechanic takes to replace the handicapped ones with new ones. And he indeed deserved the adjective 'generous' more than anybody else as he did not charge much as labor. I would like to tell the civic authorities of Chicago, do something about the bad roads guys, they are a shame for such a marvelous city.

Moving on, first time in my life, I experienced something like an earthquake for a few seconds and to tell you frankly I felt that it is my head which is reeling than this 'Holy Earth'. For the sake of records, the earthquake measured 5.4 on the Richter scale (Ok, whatever it means, I don't give a damn). And then lastly, I will not repeat myself about the lack of opportunities etc.,

Hopefully, its my last post before something appears on the job front.



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