Sunday, November 12, 2006

Aaj Karna hai kya?

Dont u wonder ... wat has crept into me these days to name my posts in such a way. I think its the Bollywood sequel insanity. These days life seems to be set in a specific pattern with nothing great happening. Atlast I could do the 5th lab. Now atleast we have to complete 6th lab in a day or else it is going to mess my schedule for this semester. Also 642 needs some attention. Though I am good at recognising my tasks ahead, somehow the priorities seem to change more when it comes to execution and hence this lag in completion.

The project has hit a roadblock as of now. There is large sense of urgency on my part to ruch thru.

Anyways ... will update this blog later !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aaj Hona hai kya ?

For the past sometime .. I was very lazy to the core and hence did not post anything over here.. over these last 2 days on the internet .. fortunately or unfortunately i went thru a lot of blogs which, kind of made me think of how my blog would be.

This tuesday is a big thing for me. Out of the 7 experiments in 661.. we could go through 4 of them in a very quick time, but somehow oflate, the 5th one is catching up with the theory of averages and is consuming more time than expected. Also my congenital laziness added its contribution to this situation. I am very much in the thick of the things and hope to see those5 and 6 completed by this thursday.

Also meeting my advisor regarding my projects is on the cards and should be met with as soon as possible. I hope to make them on thursday and grab the projects.

On a different note, DADA aka Maharaj aka Sourav Ganguly, my hero has had a gud match so far in Duleep trophy, which in a sense made me feel very gud. Afterall, he is my inspiration for all the 'calculated aggression' one gets to exhibit.

Congrats DADA... lage raho .. hope to catch up with u soon.