Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A seasonal change!

Life is strange - is something that is oft repeated and beaten to death. But there certainly is an element of truth in that phrase. Like seasons, life has limited options. And though, according to the universally accepted laws of physics, it is not possible to reverse the uni-dimensional flow of time (okay, no digressing please :D), your choice would be to go back in time! One such moment happened to me today, which brings me onto this fora, again. In a sense, its been almost 3 years that I have not kept my promise of blogging every day! Having grown wiser (not really), this time I desist from making such false promises.

Life is a paradox - is a cliche, also used frequently, which I will shamelessly use! The reason for that is - not much has changed in these 3 years is what I wanted to tell you people, but indeed from some finer aspects of life, it changed a lot - in fact - it can be termed 'sea change'. The basic value system that guided me then remains with me, though its diluted a bit or as some intelligent person advised me to put it as, its more dynamic now.

Anyways, without writing much nonsense - I have started some new activities along with a new job which is 7 weeks old. Fitness training, novel reading, wine tasting, cuisine and food exploration - a term I invented to excuse my big consumption and a bit of knowledge expansion and earning money to shop, donate and more importantly to be independent (like a Swayamsewak - yes, thats what I would like to call myself!)

Keep watching this space.


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