Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 17, 2007

It is such an important day in my life, now that there are certain people whom I wish to see them succeed. It gives me immense pleasure enjoying their success. All the best.

On the personal front, though I am trying to complete my Final Master's project and go out in search of a job, I am more or less struck with a glitch in the deployment of the program on the machine for more than a month. Hope I complete the task at hand and then move ahead in life. Seriously, the last 1 month has been such a roller coaster ride which I never experienced in terms of emotions. Everyday I wake up and find myself in a quagmire which troubles me a lot. The only solace I could find is the support I receive from my family and friends. May be thats the only rope making me cling on and try to get out from where I am today.



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